Dangerous Don is a celebration of the region of Oaxaca and the magical world of mezcal, and mixes two of Mexico’s most beloved treasures - mezcal and coffee. It is made in Santiago Matatlan by our master Mezcalero Celso Martinez from espadin agave plants, using an artisanal form of distillation.

The NaomQuie Coffee used in our recipe is grown using natural methods in San Gabriel Mixtepec, on the Oaxacan coast, by the Mendoza Ramirez family. Dangerous Don mezcal is a loving testament to the craftsmanship of its producers.

The art of distilling fine alcohol is in the very blood of Dangerous Don and each bottle embodies the enchanting traditions of mezcal – long live the spirit, the culture, the art and the passion for distilling fine mezcal! Dangerous Don welcomes you to a place where the nights are king, laughter is loud and the mezcaleros are legends. Dangerous Don – his spirit lives on!


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Espresso Martini #2

The Espresso Martini back a few steps. We’ve mixed Dangerous Don with Belsazar White Vermouth giving a clear, strong, stirred Martini with all that smoky, coffee taste.

  • 50ml Dangerous Don
  • 25ml Belsazar White Vermouth

Stir down over ice. Strain into a chilled coupe/stem glass.

Mezcafé Gold Blend

When coffee just isn’t enough... this bad-ass Negroni can be enjoyed any time you need a little extra lift.

  • 25ml Dangerous Don
  • 25ml Campari
  • 25ml Sweet Vermouth
  • Pinch of salt

Stir in an Old Fashioned Glass with ice. Garnish with a half wheel of orange.